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Insights for a More Peaceful Life

Welcome to Living Peace, where you’ll find insights and experiences for a more peaceful life. If you’re like so many people, you’d like to live a more serene and meaningful life, but don’t have years to learn how. That’s where we can help!

We scour the world for wisdom from an array of luminaries (and our own personal experience) and condense it into simple, convenient tips you can apply to your daily life right away. We share these in our award-winning book and our one-of-a-kind personal growth e-courses and we invite you to check them out below.

In peace,

Ken Beller and Heather Chase


Great Peacemakers: True Stories from Around the World 
by Ken Beller and Heather Chase

The inspiring true life stories of 20 amazing peacemakers to lift your spirits and renew your hope.


Change Your Life with Great Peacemakers

The inspiring true life stories of 20 amazing peacemakers, and ways to use their insights to improve your life.

Fall in Love with Life

New perspectives and meditation and mindfulness practices for less stress and more happiness in your life.

Plant Based Products Made Easy

Easy, delicious, and healthier plant-based swaps for your favorite foods.


Ken Beller
Heather Chase

Husband and wife team Ken Beller and Heather Chase are co-authors of Great Peacemakers: True Stories from Around the World, winner of more than 30 awards and endorsed by 3 presidents and 3 Nobel Peace Prize winners. They are the founders of Near Bridge, a consulting company dedicated to helping people get along better. They have created and delivered workshops and keynote speeches many non-profit organizations and Fortune 500 companies, and have created several other popular online courses. Ken is lead author of The Consistent Consumer: Predicting Future Behavior Through Lasting Values and Heather is author of Beauty without the Beasts: A Guide to Cruelty-free Personal Care.